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One-On-One Mix Training

Mix Training

Learn How To Mix From Beginning To End

I Mix The Song That You Provide
Via Skype We Cover The Entire Session 
Mix Setup
Mix Template
Plugin Tips and Tricks

Realtime High Quality Audio Streaming

Mix Consulting

Get Out Of Your Mixing Rut


You Send Me Your Mix Session

I Show You How To Take Your Mix To The Next Level 

Via Skype We Cover My Approach,  

Plugin Tips and Tricks


Realtime High Quality Audio Streaming

This Is Like A Mix Critique....But Much Better!



Mastering Class

Learn How To Master Your Mix

I Master The Song You Provide

Via Skype We Cover The Entire Session  

Mastering Setup

Mastering Template

Plugin Tips and Tricks


Realtime High Quality Audio Streaming



But wait, there's more.....


All 3 services come with a Free Tutorial of your choice from Audio School Online.

Audio School Online

1 Free Video Tutorial Of Your Choice


"Working with Nathan was an absolute joy.  He was candid, informative, patient, knowledgeable and personable.  


From the EXTREMELY helpful mix tutorial walkthrough he gave us through to the final delivery of our song, Nathan made the entire process accessible, informative and enjoyable.  


His One On One Mix Training is incredibly valuable.  He walks you through his entire mixing process and provides complete insight into his mixing approach and concepts.  He shares with you what he's learned over the years and genuinely wants to give you the skills to become better at mixing."

- Evan & Cody
The Analog Affair

Why Work With Me?

My name is Nathan Daniel.  I’m a mixing and mastering engineer based in Los Angeles.  I’ve worked with some of the best in the business.  I have mixed records for Sony, Universal, Atlantic, Warner Bros and have extensive experience mixing Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, Metal, Punk and Country.   I grew leaps and bounds as a mixer when I trained One-On-One with other great engineers.   And I'd like to help you do the same.

I believe the best way to learn is by 
One-On-One training with a Pro.  Video tutorials and mix workshops are great but what is missing from those are the specifics to your particular mix and your particular song that you’re working on.   You can’t get that type of valuable insight to your mixes any other way other than through One-On-One training.   

Every song and every mix is different, so it’s important to get the right training to take your music to the next level.   My One-On-One training is unique to your specific goals.   You will discover new tools, different approaches and powerful techniques, all centered around your specific goals and the particular song you’re working on.   I've been lucky enough to provide this One-On-One service to people all over the world. I'd be honored to help you as well.

 You can listen to some of my mixing work below.                          


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